Are you brand new to real estate investing, or want to learn a more profitable and flexible way of building real estate equity?

 Launch your Real Estate Investment Business ANYWHERE!

Stop google the ‘hottest real estate markets in 2024’ or ‘cities with the largest job growth’, and download our FREE Quick Guide to Virtual Real Estate Investing and Wholesaling Instead!

You'll quickly learn how to find the best virtual markets, the basic lead generation and sales systems need to launch that market, AND how to handle the ’virtual quirks’ like not being able to see the property yourself.  

The Blueprint to Flexibility in Investment Location

What's Included:

  • bulletHow to Pick a Market: Identify virtual real estate markets for maximum returns.
  • bulletLead Generation: Learn effective strategies for generating high-quality leads.
  • bulletFinding Buyers: Discover tactics for connecting with motivated buyers efficiently.
  • bulletScaling and Systems: Implement streamlined systems to scale your business for success.

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Meet Mike & Dan

I'm Mike DeHaan and together with my business partner Dan Austin, we have built a nationwide Real Estate Investing and Wholesaling brand that has done over 400 transactions in last 3 years. With a focus on being location independent, we have optimized our business model so we can work from anywhere and copy and paste our systems in brand new markets in less than a week.

We started the Collecting Keys Podcast in late 2022 mostly as a hobby project, but it has quickly become a brand synonymous with telling the real truth about what it takes to build and grow a real estate investing business. We are very intentional about separating ourselves from those who just sell the highlight reels common in other Real Estate Media. 

Martinez O.

"This content has given me the courage to get things moving and see what if it works instead of what if it fails."

Johnny P.

"Very useful material to start investing virtually from anywhere in the world."

April S.

"I can say that this is a great guide to start Real Estate Investing, I recommend it!"